Loving someone…. when they’re straight or don’t love you back

I know a lot of people who have this problem and I am one of them and yes it is very hard to love someone who is not the same sexual orientation as you, or when they don’t love you back, it’s hard and I still have’t got over the guy I like. But I just got some good advice and thought I would share it on here. Just remember that there are all different kinds of love, from family and friends to a loving relationship, but this kind of love boils down to wanting the other to be happy, whether or not that being in a relationship with you or someone else, if you want a relationship with him/her regardless of his/her happiness then that is not love that is selfishness because you are only thinking of yourself, when love is thinking of each other and making sure the one you love is happy. I have prom at the end of the year (British Prom) and I really want to ask this guy but, obviously, I can’t, and it pains me to think about that. But I keep thinking as long as he is happy then that is good, which is love, I don’t want him for my own selfish reasons, because then I know he won’t be happy and then that is me just being selfish. Just rejoice in the love you have for him/her, because love is a beautiful thing and there is someone out there who loves you and hopefully you can love too :) because life is hard and love is the best way to get through, to help and support each other and everyone, regardless of religion, sexual orientation, race etc. deserves the feeling of safety and comfort with the person you love :)